Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Nutcracker!

This weekend we are going to a show at the Lowry called Matthew Bournes Nutcracker!

There's something about the use of an exclaimation mark after any event title that puts me right off. I'm trying to think of examples to illustrate my point and failing, but regardless of my feelings, the show sounds right up my son's street. He likes (in order of passion)

1. sweets (the show culminates in sweetie land)

2. theatres (they are dark and he gets to lie around eating sweets while people parade around for his pleasure)

3. dancing (most days include at least an hour of his own personal dance-fusion which combines air guitar with gestures of a lady of the night. i have no idea where he gets it from).

I will report back, but the last few Saturday matinee tickets are on sale now.

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