Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Nutcracker!

This weekend we are going to a show at the Lowry called Matthew Bournes Nutcracker!

There's something about the use of an exclaimation mark after any event title that puts me right off. I'm trying to think of examples to illustrate my point and failing, but regardless of my feelings, the show sounds right up my son's street. He likes (in order of passion)

1. sweets (the show culminates in sweetie land)

2. theatres (they are dark and he gets to lie around eating sweets while people parade around for his pleasure)

3. dancing (most days include at least an hour of his own personal dance-fusion which combines air guitar with gestures of a lady of the night. i have no idea where he gets it from).

I will report back, but the last few Saturday matinee tickets are on sale now.

Friday, 15 February 2008

My Kid Could Paint That?

My Kid Could Paint That is a new film / doco showing at Cornerhouse. I've read loads about it and i think, by exploring the story of alleged US child painting prodigy Marla Olmstead, it raises the issue of how much it's okay to do for our kids and how far it's okay to push them before you become a bully. Complex issues, all round really.

Its showing today - Sun at 2pm and 6.25pm. and Mon 8.40pm.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Giraffes Can't Dance

Oldham Colisseum have a new kids venue in the charming village of upper mill, and they've got two shows for kids lined up that you can book for now;

First up is Dr Nose Travels Through Time (for 5-11 year olds) on Friday March 7 at 4.30pm and next is Giraffes Can't Dance (for 3-7 year olds) on Friday April 11 at 4.30pm

Tickets cost £4 to £6 and can be booked here.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

this is what it's like in my house

i actually stole this link from rob (thanks rob) who's well into music, but i like it a lot.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Opera for kids, innit

Children's musical The Adventures Of Pinocchio comes to the Lowry this week. One for slightly older kids, (they don't recommend it for the under 8s) its the debut of Opera North's show, and it's received some charming reviews (including this five star one from it's Leeds debut) making it must-see viewing for the cultured family.

The Lowry are also running Pinocchio Family Workshop for £5 at 5.15pm this Friday, and 3.15pm on Sat.