Friday, 15 February 2008

My Kid Could Paint That?

My Kid Could Paint That is a new film / doco showing at Cornerhouse. I've read loads about it and i think, by exploring the story of alleged US child painting prodigy Marla Olmstead, it raises the issue of how much it's okay to do for our kids and how far it's okay to push them before you become a bully. Complex issues, all round really.

Its showing today - Sun at 2pm and 6.25pm. and Mon 8.40pm.


Ken and Belly said...

Hi! Wanted to share that I was excited to stumble across your blog (via a link from manchizzle). We're moving to Manchester this August with our toddler and I'll be checking for updates. :)

Mama Manchester said...

yay! will try to find some stuff going on in august for you. how exciting!