Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

OOoooh the forthcoming film, Where The Wild Things Are looks so awesome. Even the trailer has loads of bits in in that I remember from the book, like the scene at sea, and the scene where all the animals are waving goodbye to Max. It actually made me cry watching it, PLUS its by Spike Jonze, who is quite an amazing character. He used to go out with Sofia Coppola, and the film Lost In Translation is allegedly based on him, and her boring experiences following him around the world.

Anyhow, bad boyfriend or not, Spike is a good film egg, and he's made other good stuff too, such as - get this - the FIRST and ORIGINAL video for The Breeders' song, Cannonball (1993) and, of course, Being John Malkovich, which made John Malkovich cool again, and, I strongly suspect, made John Malcovich pretty darn rich judging by the amount of films he's been in since. Plus he has the coolest name, ever (even if his real name is Adam Spiegel), plus what a DON making this book into a film!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Best places to go out with your family for Mother’s Day (with clothes on, unlike this cheeky dame!)

1. Country restaurant

Alright so it’s not in the town centre, but Alderley Edge’s Wizard has a Michelin Bib Gourmand (meaning that it’s recognised as supplying good food, at a good price) and it’s just a stride from The Edge too, which, providing you don’t let children jump off it, provides several hours of woodlandy fun after lunch.
Nether Alderley, Macclesfield. Tel: 01625 584000

2. Country pub

Fitting the bill of day out, treat and family fun in one, the charming Hole In T’Wall, hides behind the cobbled hump-backed bridge in Hebden. This old-fashioned restaurant and pub serves up food as locally sourced as possible, with a slightly hippyish edge; think falafel burgers, local meats and so on, It’s a relaxed, friendly place with plenty to distract the young children thanks to Hebden’s quaint streets, duck-filled brook and the nearby forest of Hardcastle Crags.
Hanging Royd Lane, Hebden Bridge
Tel: 01422 844 059

3. Noodle bar

No matter what your age, it’s hard to resist the joy of schlurping up a massive bowl of noodles. Both Tampopo and Wagamama provide plenty of additional entertainment for youngsters in the form of colouring pencils and special menus. Typically, service is spot-on and speedy, and neither chain is wildly expensive either.

4. Posh restaurants

Before my son could crawl, I spent an inordinate amount of time enjoying five hour lunches in posh restaurants. There are plenty of these about town, many offering a Mother’s Day menu but be sure to opt for a spacious joint rather than intimate one - unless you want people studying your breastfeeding technique. The Lowry, Malmaison and Room are all solid bets.

5. Old fashioned grub

Mums, Dads and young’uns love sausage and mash, pies and all ye olde English dishes and few places serve them with more panache than Tom and Sam’s Chop Houses. I love to go here with my family because the surrounding are gorgeous, old and woody, they’ve got an excellent range of wines by the glass, and they’re always rammed, so fighting children are less easily heard over the good-humoured roar.