Monday, 13 April 2009

Scotland, ahoy!

Oh aye, Arthur and I are in Scotland this week, visiting my relatives. We are staying in Glasgow and the highlight of the day has to be seeing two items from Balamory; Edie McCredie's van, and Spencer's tricycle at the Museum Of Transport.

Number two on our list of joy was the Tenement House museum. This is basically a flat, preserved, as it would've been in the 1950s when my mum was growing up in one.

It kind of made me appreciate why she is so into kitchen applicances and mod cons, while I'm there, pretending to keep it real with my hand whisk.

They had an Easter egg hunt around the house, there was loads of stuff you could kind of touch (although i don't think you were strictly supposed to) like an old straw mattress, and beds in all the cupboards off the main rooms as well as an amazing old fashioned bathroom.

We discovered that in the old days, they really crammed people in. My mum and her mum and her dad apparently lived behind a curtain in one of these city central flats with some wealthier people. I never could quite imagine how their living arrangement worked, but now I have a much better idea: it was cramped, and that's about all you can say about it.

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