Monday, 25 May 2009

Dance To Wayne Hemmingway's Disco

Liverpool Tate has something special going on right now.

It's a new sculpture show over two floors, and while the content may be a little unhinged / random (Dan Flavin, Gilbert & George, Picasso, Carl Andre, Antony Gormley... you name em, they're here) there is an excellent experience for all the family in the section called 'Sculpture... remixed'.

Yup, i know it sounds like a painful effort on the gallery's behalf to get with the kids, but it actually works - and it actually works something like this:

1. Arrive at free show & head up to 'sculpture remixed'
2. Apply wireless headphones, which are playing some excellent disco (n.b. apply your own headphones first, before applying to other family members)
3. Make your way through a black felt curtain into a room of sculptures, dominated by a massive 70s underlit and flashing disco floor in the centre.
4. Read sign on said floor which says 'Dance Here'
5. Do it.

It's totally amazing, dancing in an art gallery. I was smiling like mad and so was Arthur. It was like going through Alice's tiny door into the wonderland. AND IT WAS FREE. Plus, the staff at Tate are saints - that, or extremely bored. I mean, members of the gallery team where chasing us around, desperate to explains everything to Arthur.

One guy even spent 15 minutes showing him how Antony Gormley makes his body-works, a process which involved him lying on the floor, mouthing at his fist to express the agony of the long-held posture.

I've never had a better experience in a gallery - and not just because this poor guy was rolling on the floor for our entertainment - although that was obviously pretty cool - it was just a brilliant experience.

Fortunately, its on until April 11 2010, so there's no rush.

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