Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Guardianing For Free....

Don't know if anyone else saw it, but there was this wicked feature in G2 in the Guardian yesterday, called How To Be A Thrifty Gardener.

I thought it was really inspiring and full of some top tips and things that would be reallllly easy to do with kids, such as stuffing breeze blocks with soil and little alpine plants and rummaging around for old catering oil cans to turn into plant potters. Obviously if you live in a flat like me, with a dog, child and tiny balcony your options are limited, but even i saw a couple of things i thought.... humm that's an idea.

The Guardian (no, they're not paying me, i'm just having a bit of a broadsheet moment) are also advertising this book 'The Foolproof Guide To Gardening With Children' on their website for £12.99, which is reduced from it's rrp of £14.99. Might make a good Christmas present in these credit-crunch times.

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