Thursday, 10 July 2008

Summer In The Park

Despite the fact that it's likely to pour, everyone but everyone is going to Summer In The Park, this weekend.

Mr Scruff (!! Wooo!!) will be there. Some other DJs and stuff will be there too, but best of all, included in the price is a Baby Loves Disco party - which would normally set you back £8 on it's own, and this event costs £9.50 for Baby Loves Disco PLUS loads of chef demos, tasting stalls (my FAV thing, as a nine year old, were cheese counters with free bits of cheese on them. or stalls giving away buttered bread for you to try the butter. FREE FOOD! does life get any better?!) and food stalls, more bands.

They're all chugging manc rockers to me, like I Am Kloot, but people like them, plus, all your friends will be there!

This Sat and Sun. £9.50 per day. Kids 11 and under are free.


Yummy Mummy said...

I went to the summer in the park festival on Sunday, and it was great....I am a bit biased, but still really enjoyed the BLD Tent!

Yummy Mummy

miss place said...

Baby Loves Disco ae coming to the Family Friendly Film Festival too! - which looks really good!

I'll de donning a peg leg for the Pirates Arrrrggghhh Cool day with my kids. Avast me hearties!!