Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Feast! and an actual Carpet Of Flowers

Oh ho... those lovely people who brought us Feast! (the picnic in Platt Fields park last weekend) are getting ready to put on another couple of fabulous kid-friendly events.

Now I wouldnt normally be quite so effusive when it comes to outdoor, kiddy events (wet faces/ wet hair/ mud/ nowhere to change nappies/ bug-filled falafels... ) but Feast! was excellent last weekend, and i reckon that the forthcoming 'Tall Tales in the White Tent' , a kids event put on by Nicole et Martin Circus 21 to 25 August, and Carpet Of Flowers in Albert Square on 16 to 20 July on should be just as good too.

Particularly Carpet Of Flowers. (hayfever sufferers excepted, of course....)

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